Edward (willabbadalwayz) wrote in online_reality,

"Naughty vs. Nice" or is it "Angels vs. Demons" or is it "The Return To The Inferno"?

Whatever it may be, here is the cast so far.

Road Rules
Mark - RR USA 1
Veronica - RR Semester At Sea
Rachel - RR Campus Crawl
Abram - RR South Pacific
Tina - RR South Pacific
Jodi - RR Extreme
Derrick - RR Extreme

Real World
Beth - RW Los Angeles
Cory - RW San Francisco
Dan - RW Miami
Julie - RW New Orleans
Mike - RW Back 2 New York
Tonya - RW Chicago
Brad - RW San Diego
Jamie - RW San Diego
Robin - RW San Diego
Karamo - RW Philadelphia
Landon - RW Philadelphia
Shovonda - RW Philadelphia
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awesomeness. I hope that Sarah and MJ get to be on it and a lot more Road Rulers
Yeah, I bet there will be lots more RRers added.
Yeah. Well maybe sarah and mj will be added too
MJ more than Sarah, I think the girls might be done.
yeah I guess so
I hope Dan from RR Northern Trail is on :D
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